Neurofeedback Training & Somatic EMDR

Somatic EMDR reprocesses negative past experiences using Bilateral Stimulation. The foundation of relational somatic work assists in reconfiguring memory networks in the brain for measurable positive outcomes.

Neurofeedback has been used as a healing modality for many years. Unlike medication, it works gently to entrain the brain to improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, cognition and improve regulation of emotions.

There are examples explaining its effectiveness on YouTube:


Sebern Fisher, Psychotherapist


Bessel van der Kolk, MD., Psychiatrist

Somatic Psychotherapy

The way of compassion and healing.

Horse - Human Connection

Experience the transforming power of horses.

Neurofeedback & Somatic EMDR

Cognitive flexibility and Emotional Reprocessing.


Tension and Trauma release exercises.


Guided Imagery Music and Vibro-Acoustics Therapy.