Horse-Human Connection

This hands-on program partners with free unbridled horses. The horse is unique and different from other domesticated animals, in that when it is free, it will self-protect through movement. Under stress, our bodies have an alarm system quite similar to the horse. The horse does not care about past history; it does not judge anything beyond the present moment. It is this natural freedom in the horse that is effective for client’s solution-based, self-directed experience.

Client quotes

"This experience showed me that I shouldn't worry so much and try so hard; that good things can just happen, if I allow them to."

"I realize that I must make a move when I want to form a relationship."

"The horse was very gentle. It was like he understood me and I was able to overcome my insecurity."

"Seeing how differently the horses reacted to each one of us has helped me get closer to my wife. It has brought our entire family closer than we have ever been."

Somatic Psychotherapy

The way of compassion and healing.

Horse - Human Connection

Experience the transforming power of horses.

Neurofeedback & Somatic EMDR

Cognitive flexibility and Emotional Reprocessing.


Tension and Trauma release exercises.


Guided Imagery Music and Vibro-Acoustics Therapy.