- Where are you now? -

Are your reactions sometimes over the top?

  • We all get angry and sad, but how intense and how often?
Does it interfere with your ability to function?

  • Do you get overwhelmed and feel discouraged?
Avoiding things can be paralyzing and life gets to feel more and more constricted.

"If I just don't move, no one will notice me."

  • Do you feel disconnected from previously enjoyable activity?
When we feel stressed and anxious it turns down our motivation for enjoyment.

  • Have you suffered a life-changing loss?
The pain of a death in the family, a breakup or job loss can impair daily functioning and even cause you to withdraw from friends.

  • Do you feel run-down and suffer from unexplained headaches, upset stomach or recurring body aches and pains?
When we are emotionally upset, it can affect our bodies. Research confirms that stress can manifest itself in the form of a wide range of physical ailments.

- Do you use substances like alcohol or drugs to cope?

This short term gain leads to long term pain in an attempt to regain, a feeling of control in your life.

- Do you feel you just can't get it together with your relationships?

Failure to connect with others leads to isolation and depression.

Does this resonate with you?

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