- Tension and Trauma Release Exercises -

TRETM is a revolutionary new way to de-stress,
release tension and process trauma.

We all understand that chronic stress and tension fatigue interferes with our sense of well being.

TRETM is easily learned by everyone and is an effective method that elicits a deep relaxation response. One experiences a calming of the mind, a sense of grounded presence and emotional balance.

Learn to transform the stress that breaks you down into stress that makes you strong.

With practice, TRETM offers:

  • Less worry and anxiety
  • More energy and endurance
  • Less workplace stress
  • Better sleep
  • Less relationship conflict
  • Reduced muscle & back pain and increased flexibility
  • Greater emotional resiliency
  • Decrease symptoms of vicarious trauma
  • Healing old injuries
  • Lessening anxiety surrounding serious illness
  • Relief from chronic medical conditions

We are all familiar with trembling hands and knees when under stress. This is a natural 'hard-wired' evolutionary protective mechanism. But in modern life, we have been taught to 'shut it down'. In turn, this becomes chronic tension, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, a feeling of un-ease which can eventually lead to real physical illness.

The set of exercises is drawn from yoga, tai chi and bioenergetics. With TRETM, the trembling called 'neurogenic tremors' is purposely activated and elicits a grounding experience, which in turn allows the release of tension, a relaxation of muscles and a new sense of well being.

Chronic stress is held in the body in the form of muscular tension patterns. Everyone's patterns are unique based on their lives, body and experiences. And so it is with TRETM. Each person will release the tension patterns in his or her own unique way.

Dr. Berceli working with mental health specialists at
Attachment and Trauma conference, Niagara Falls.

Practice is what makes this technique work
and have long lasting benefits.

See Dr. Berceli discuss TRETM at:

Laurene with Dr. Berceli

TRETM is safe, easy to learn and will become a self-administered resource for life. Everyone who is able to stand upright can do this, regardless of race, culture and socioeconomic status. It has been used worldwide and is very effective for people with high stress occupations, such as first responders and military.

TRETM can be a real stabilizing resource.
You can do it anytime, anywhere.

Please note: TRETM is not recommended for pregnant women.


Client quotes:

"I have severe anxiety and trouble sleeping. I wake up several times in the night. After one session, I slept for a full 10 hours"

"After shaking out, I have a new attitude to the rest of the day and feel really calm."

“I've been doing the TRE exercises and the results are very positive, indeed. My focus and my work have never been better. In fact,
my output has increased tremendously and I'm actually able to stick to my timelines. The results of this show in my work.” M. S.

Does this resonate with you?

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