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"Neurofeedback Training (EEG biofeedback) has the potential for retraining brainwave activity to enhance optimal performance, improve
cognitive function and emotional control "
- (Sport Psychology magazine, 2007)

It can improve:
creativity, memory and concentration, productivity, decision making, relaxation, self-confidence and well being.

Increased focus and concentration means more efficiency
with less mental and physical effort.

Results are felt at school, in careers, performing endeavours,
relationships and emotional and physical health.

Controlled studies with AC Milan soccer team and at the
Royal College of Music in England have established measurable change in performance ability. Canada's Olympic team used it to prepare for the Winter games in Vancouver, 2010.

It helps you 'get in the zone' for competition in any field.

Neurofeedback has a history of efficacy of over 50 years,
yet it is only gaining ground due to modern neuroscience research.

It is a powerful way to help the brain self correct and rebalance by using information from brain-wave monitoring (EEG) to influence the brain's innate neuroplasticity.

Neurofeedback is gentle and noninvasive and does not rely on drugs.

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