- Sound Renewal -

Guided Imagery Music and Vibro-Acoustics Therapy

Sound is vibration processed by our ear. All vibration is energy moving through space and time. It is not restricted to what we hear. It is a part of our physiology. Brain science tells us that new patterns can align in our thinking and feeling through these energetic vibrations. We can create new patterns in our brain for increased well being.

"Neurons that fire together wire together."

Both music and pure sound vibration at varying frequencies are used for meditative rebalancing and to awaken creative thinking and improve cognition.Sound can be used as a nurturing resource and even a problem fixer by calming and reorganizing the nervous system. It is gaining ground in medical and university settings for:

  • parent-infant bonding
  • helping the elderly stabilize cognitive thinking and stay present
  • regulating walking for those with Parkinson's
  • improving sleep habits.

Laurene holds certificates in Sound Vibration Therapy with Dr. John Beaulieu, NYC Polarity Therapy - Andreas Ledermann, Switzerland.

  • Established Programs:
  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Music (MaHRC) with Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto: Wasser Pain Management Centre.
  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Music (MaHRC) with Toronto Rehabilitation Centre: Cardiac Recovery.
  • Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, Beth Abraham Hospital New York: Parkinson's and Alzheimer 's Care.
  • McGill University Health Centre, Montreal - Wholeness at the end of life, Palliative Care
  • Jazz FM.91 Radio, Toronto: IPod project for Alzheimers

"Music can expand vitality through the experience
of movement, time, force, space and intention."
Daniel Stern, Forms of Vitality

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