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Come to the farm.

Experience the power of the horse

Powerful in Movement and Powerful in Healing

This hands-on program uses free unbridled horses. Working with horses can reconnect you to yourself and the world of nature No previous horse experience is necessary.

By interacting and being with horses, participants explore the effectiveness of both verbal and nonverbal communication.

The horse is a conduit for awareness and healing because it requires the client to be present in the here and now.

DawningVista is located in Amish farm country, north of Stirling. The farm is a setting that is non-threatening, private, safe, and calm. We have open vistas, and walking meditation trails.

The horse is unique and different from other domesticated animals, in that when it is free, it will self-protect through movement. Under stress, our bodies have an alarm system quite similar to the horse. This 'flight' action is powerful and we share this same response under stress.

The horse does not care about past history; it does not judge anything beyond the present moment. Although large and intimidating, in the natural world, it is a prey animal. As a herd animal, it relies on the group for survival and thus has developed a very sensitive nature. These sophisticated horse 'body cues' can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Horse and human interconnectedness is a gentle path to life and vitality and a grounded sense of self.

This is not a riding program: all learning takes place with free horses on the ground. DawningVista uses the EAGALA model

EAGALA - Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association


This is what the horse as therapist does so well

Laurene is a certified EAGALA Specialist

When participating in any equine program, clients should request both
the certification and insurance coverage of the provider.

EAGALA is a nonprofit professional international organization with over 4,000 members in 49 countries from Argentina to Israel, Denmark to Slovenia. EAGALA is committed to setting the standard of professional excellence in how horses and people work together to improve the quality of life and mental health of individuals, families and groups worldwide.

Client quotes:

"This experience showed me that I shouldn't worry so much and try so hard; that good things can just happen, if I allow them to."

"I realize that I must make a move when I want to form a relationship."

"The horse was very gentle. It was like he understood me and I was able to overcome my insecurity."

"Seeing how differently the horses reacted to each one of us has helped me get closer to my wife. It has brought our entire family closer than we have ever been."

Dawning Vista Horse Play is available at the home farm north of Stirling during the summer months.


Several photos in this presentation are courtesy of EAGALA

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