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One step forward:
'Now' is a moment that is happening. It's all too easy to let it slip by. Dawning Vista programs are uniquely tailored to you.
The authentic process of healing and wellness expresses the healthy integration of our physiology, emotions and behaviour.

This means - 'We show up!' We learn mindfulness to stay in the here and now. Not to replay the past or rehearse the future. Being present connects us to what is actually happening inside us, around us in the world, and with others.

When we are present, we can receive signals from others. We discover that we are not alone. The universe is functioning 24/7.
There is support for what we need.

Begins with learning compassion for ourself. As we refine our observations and integrate feeling and thought, we are better able to define our needs. We begin to feel 'seen' by others.

When we learn to be conscientious and intentional within ourselves and in our behaviour, we can read appropriate signals of both safety and danger and can rely on our own judgment to protect us. This security allows us to open to the world in a new way.

The resilience earned with this work gives us the resources to meet life challenges. Not just when times are good, but when things fall apart, we find we can cope and survive in a new meaningful way. We have stability in our openness, objectivity, and awareness.

This well-being is called neural integration which helps us live in harmony, released from rigidity and chaos.

"The power to move our lives toward a more flexible and harmonious flow is what we create when we intentionally cultivate our lives toward health."
Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry,
UCLA School of Medicine, California

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