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Sept. 23, Toronto: OACCPP

(Association of Registered Psychotherapists & Mental Health Professionals)

Annual Conference: Trauma - Approaches to Recovery and Change

Horses - for the HEALTH of It! - Powerful in Movement, Powerful in Healing
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Model for Healing Trauma

Summer Retreats





Village of Stirling
2 hours east of Toronto


B&B Accommodation


905 269-4320

email: info@dawningvista.com


May 10 through September: Equine Assisted Therapy & Wellness Program

For details contact Laurene: info@dawningvista.com


Psycholgica Magazine Vol 41 No. 2, Fall 2016
QACCPP - Ontario Association

Peer reviewed article: Trauma and the Feeling Brain
Examining the Neurology and physiology of threat
and danger in human behaviour and emotion.


The Link Magazine - Spring issue March 2016

Horses healing Humans interview of Dawning Vista programs
by Elizabeth Palermo Lifestyle and Wellbeing


January - Suicide Information Night: In collaboration with
Stirling-Rawdon Police Services


March - Northumberland Violence & Domestic Abuse Monitoring Committee
Topic: "The Neurobiology of Trauma" for Social Service Agency professionals

June - Rotary Club of Stirling: Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experience

Psychologica Magazine Vol. 38 Number 1, January 2015
Publication of Ontario Association of Counsellors, Consultants,
Psychometrists and Psychotherapists

Peer reviewed article titled - Horses Healing Humans.
Using Equine Assisted Therapy for improved family relationships.
The essay follows a session using horses to help resolve chronic divisions in the relationship between the husband and wife and between both parents
and their 14 year old son.

Tension Release Exercises:
This revolutionary process teaches you to release chronic tension and pain.
4 sessions. Classes will be scheduled throughout the year.
For further information about TRE, please go to
Programs page, Links page, or contact Laurene.

Workshops and presentations for community groups and health professionals. Presentations are based on the latest findings of neuroscience and trauma recovery (Bessel van der Kolk, Allan Schore, Peter Levine). The efficacy of this work is redefining mental health and the identity of self and offers individuals a path toward fuller multidimensional living.

From Fatigue to Fantastic! Addressing the chronic stresses of modern life through mindfulness group work. Specific exploration of techniques that expand your innate resources and increase resilience to life’s challenges. 6 weeks - Time & Location TBA

August 9
Connecting to the stranger within The workshop explores relationship to the natural world, to yourself, and to others. Participants will be introduced to a new way of being with the free true voice inside each of us. Morning begins with The Partnership of the Horse. Come meet the horses and open yourself to the wisdom of the herd. This is a hands-on experience at the farm. There is No riding involved.