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PTSD is a response held in the body and expressed by physical symptoms such as irritability, depression, insomnia, anger, hyper-vigilance, inability to concentrate or feeling 'numbed out'.

Unresolved, these symptoms 'hijack' the individual and severely interfere with normal activities. There is no pleasure in life, relationships are strained and one becomes isolated from the world, from the ones you love, and tragically you become disconnected from yourself.

Trauma lives in the BIOLOGY, not the BIOGRAPHY.

Modern neuroscience research has supported a new approach to resolving these overwhelming dysfunctional patterns.

Diagnostic tools such as functioning magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) can accurately follow brain patterns, analyze which parts of the brain are hyperactive and which are shut down. We understand how trauma and post traumatic stress works.

It impacts the body first. Emotionally charged and sudden situations are responded to very rapidly at a sub-cortical level, involving the amygdalar complex and the hippocampus, and not initially engaging the complex associative cortex with its capacity for reasoned decision.

This is why traditional talk therapy does not resolve PTSD.

In PTSD treatment, the patient is guided to carefully and gently access the real message that the body is holding. The disruptive physical symptoms are really what the body is trying to tell us and which we so often try to ignore, shut down or hide in a box and lock away.

There is a path to recovery. It begins with simply saying:
" I don't want to live like this anymore.
I cannot take this pain and hopelessness."

The next step: "There is a way back to who I was. " Even if you don't believe it right now, even if you can barely remember what you were like before, trust that neurology has proven that it is possible!

Understand that no matter how desolate you feel, what happened then was the only choice your body had in ORDER TO SURVIVE.

YES! it is that dramatic. Deep within your brain, the horrible experience was assessed faster than the speed of light. Just as with all other living mammals, your body chose what it thought was the ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE AT THAT TIME IN THAT SITUATION.

The experience was overwhelming. It came at you TOO FAST, TOO SOON and you did not have the chance to take time to really take it in and process it. So the experience of the past got locked into the present even though the event is over. Flashbacks and nightmares are the symptoms dragging the past into the present.

The traumatic experience got filed under terror, the body in full alarm: "I may not survive!" Fragmented snapshots of danger now come back as THREAT and invade your life. Hopelessness takes over.

You feel that everyone else is moving through normal life in a normal way. This increases the feeling of helplessness and isolation. WHY is this happening to me?

Treatment can unlock those doors - gently and safely with the tools of trauma recovery. It is possible - and it can begin to happen NOW.

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